Ryan and I wanted ice cream at our wedding, and when we tasted the gelato at Noci (and saw their adorable party bike!), we couldn’t wait to share it with our friends and family. It was such a hit with our guests, some of them even went back for seconds and thirds!”
–Kathryn S. – Snippet & Ink

The Noci team showed up at my business’ anniversary event with their unique Noci gelato delivery system–a charming, sophisticated, and way-cool bicycle that lets all the guests know that a good time is ahead. With that bicycle in the room, I hardly needed anything else; guests raved for weeks afterward about the gelato.”
Gail L. – LIBA Falafel

I LOVE gelato. And when I say LOVE, I really mean it. Like really. Noci has a great selection of flavors but adds several specials. My favorite is their salted carmel and salted butterscotch (though they haven’t had them in a while). They had a plum with jalpeno once that was unbelievably wonderful. I ate my way through Italy last month and had gelato every day while I was there. Noci is right there with them!”
–Erin L. – Mill Valey, CA

I Scream… I Scream… I Scream for Noci Gelato! Love… Love… Love this place!  AMAZING  I would honestly say that nobody should ever go here!  I don’t like to share!  But since I LOVE this place and want it to stay open forever!  It’s a must go to Gelato place! My favorite is the Almond Gelato.  They only make it once in a while.  But Dammmmn it’s good!  Also the stracciatella is super good!  mmmmmm mmmmmy mouth is watering for more!”
–David D. – Laguna Beach, CA

The big hit at my wedding reception was the gelato! And for good reasons – each of the four flavors Gelateria Noci served was beyond delicious. Guests had heated debates about whether the blackberry went better with the salted chocolate or the ginger! Their gelato bike added the perfect down-to-earth, yet gourmet, touch to our outdoor party. The service was impeccable. I highly recommend them for your next event!”
–Elizabeth S. – Wedding

Haven’t had gelato as good anywhere outside Italy, and could just about say I didn’t find any better their either.  You can taste the quality of the ingredients, and the owners are community oriented.  Get the salted Chocolate and you won’t be sorry!!! I’m not sure about the service reviews I have seen.  I have been there more than 40 times with different friends almost each time, and they haven’t had a bad experience with me, or when they went later on their own.”
–Patrick O. – Lagunitas, CA

This is some knock your socks off gelato.  It may be a bit pricey and not exactly authentic (I have been to Italy 3 times and enjoyed the real thing) but it is awfully good.  The flavors are rich and distinct.  They pride themselves on quality organic ingredients and I can see why.  I’ve been there twice and tried a few flavors: Vanilla bean: to die for if you love vanilla, which I do, Pistachio: very nutty and tasty, stracciatella menta (mint chocolate): incredible!!! There were actual little bits of fresh mint leaves.  The flavor was so fresh, unlike typically mint syrup.  I loved it! This place is totally worth checking out if you’re ever in Mill Valley.”
–Laura B. – San Francisco, CA