About Noci


We’re an organic, artisanal gelato shop located in downtown Mill Valley. We are also very proud to be featured at a select group of Bay Area restaurants.

All of our gelato and sorbetto are made on site every day from scratch using only certified organic, seasonal ingredients that are as local as possible.

(The exceptions are flavors not available locally or that are out of season locally, such as organic chocolate from Ecuador, and organic vanilla beans from Madagascar.)

We believe that small-batch gelato made fresh daily, using only certified organic milk, cream, and eggs blended with fresh, seasonal, certified organic local produce creates the best-tasting, most healthful product.

From the cow to the cone

Our passion for creating delicious gelato in a beautiful environment with small-town friendliness provides the soul of Noci. We believe in the slow food philosophy. This means that we believe in using whole, natural foods from our local farms. We believe food should be enjoyed, savored, and honored. We believe that people should know where their food comes from and enjoy eating it.

We are different

Aside from using only the best, 100 percent organic ingredients, our methods for preparing gelato are a bit different. We employ a blend of key traditional techniques along with a couple of our own unique methods, resulting in what we believe to be a truly superior product. Noci gelato is lower in fat than typical ice cream, and thus, the true, vibrant flavors shine through. We do not whip extra air into our gelato, as is done with American-style ice cream, and our gelato is served at a temperature a bit higher than ice cream. Our gelato has fresh, intense flavors combined with density and texture that leave your mouth clean, wanting to enjoy more Noci!

Minimizing our footprint

Noci is committed to sustainability in everything we do. Our business practices are based on a philosophy of making a minimal environmental impact. We accomplish this goal by buying 100 percent renewable energy from the Marin Energy Authority, using a closed-loop cooling system that allow at least 700 gallons of wastewater to be saved each day, working with the Bay Area Green Business Program, supporting Marin Organic through our membership, and buying only organic dairy products and organic produce.


We are local and are committed to supporting local businesses and farming families whenever possible, further reducing our footprint by using less fuel to transport ingredients. At Noci, we understand sustainability is not a temporary trend but a continuous journey and constant process of improvement. We believe in providing a great local product for the community that is free of harmful substances, has minimum impact on our environment, and—most importantly—is fun to eat.


We love to make traditional gelato and sorbetto flavors such as Gianduia, Stracciatella, Pistachio, Nocciola and Lemon. We also love to play in the kitchen. We are inspired by the seasons—by the bounty of incredible fruit, herbs, and artisanal food products available here in the Bay Area—and by the creativity of your input. Bring us an idea; we love to try new things. We’ll even give you credit. Who knows—we might even name the product after you! Click here to view some of our flavors.

Allergy info

We are very sensitive to the challenges that food-allergic people face. Noci was founded on the premise of strict adherence to special protocols when making and serving our gelato, sorbetto, and cones. While we do use nuts in our kitchen, we are meticulous in handling them in order to prevent cross-contamination. We are aware that mistakes can happen, though, so please let us know if you have an allergy, and we will do our best to help you make a safe choice. Our employees are trained to know which of our flavors contain allergens.

Our gelato is gluten-free, with the exception of Cookies and Cream. (We’re looking for a good gluten-free sandwich cookie; if you know of one, please let us know!) We make and serve only gluten-free cones to prevent cross-contamination. We also use a separate server for each flavor. All of our sorbetto is free from eggs and dairy products.

Is our product safe for people with specific food allergies?

• Gluten/Celiac: Yes, and please tell your server so you may be served safely.

• Tree nuts: Yes, and please tell your server so you may be served safely.

• Peanuts: Yes, but avoid the Cookies and Cream.

• Egg: Most of our gelato flavors contain egg. Please inquire with server. All of our sorbetto flavors are vegan and do not contain egg.

• Soy: We do not use soy, but our Chocolate contains soy lecithin.

• Corn: We do not use any corn or corn-derived ingredients in our gelato or sorbetto.